Economy - Overview


Meta Lordz players & investors are part of a tailored & innovative economy. A variety of revenue sources are balanced against outflows from the Community Treasury. NFTs, tokens and fiat currency each play a role to ensure the right incentives exist and the economy is sustainable over time.

High-Level Overview

Players can join the world of Glasmire with free warriors, and at any time pay to upgrade them to Premium (NFT) characters which they buy or rent.
An upgrade means that accrued rewards in the player's War Chest are made available to the player, and enables new experiences & match types in the metaverse.
Players can also purchase NFTs & consumables from Meta Lordz NPCs or from other players in the marketplace - in exchange for which a commission is paid.
Funds flow into the community treasury, as illustrated below, which in turn supports variable staking returns and product development.
High-Level Overview

How do players earn?

Players can earn tokens and items by competing in battles & tournaments, by completing Daily Quests, through trading their items, or by participating in the Creator Economy.
When PvE 'Story Mode' launches in 2023, there will be many new ways to earn rewards.
For PvP matches, the type and size of potential rewards varies by match type (see Game Modes), among other factors, as below:

Ranked Matches

To appear in the published Leaderboard, and to compete for the Monthly Reward Pool, players must compete in Ranked Matches.
To enter a Ranked Match, a player must spend one or more Battle Scrolls as an entrance fee - as illustrated below. These can be obtained through Daily Quests, from Treasure Chests in Loot Matches, or they can be purchased in the Flea Market. Some proceeds from Battle Scroll sales will go to the Community Treasury.
Ranked Matches

Loot Matches

In a Loot Match, free-to-play and Premium players are fighting alongside each other. There is no cost to enter a Loot match, and everyone can earn rewards such as $SILVER tokens and Treasure Chests which can contain Battle Scrolls, gear, and more.
Expected returns in Loot Matches are lower than Ranked Matches, but they're a fantastic place to develop skills, test new characters, and look to acquire free Battle Scrolls to enter Ranked Matches for players who don't wish to purchase the scrolls.
Results from Loot Matches do not contribute to the Leaderboard statistics.
Loot Matches

Pot Matches

In Pot Matches, all players contribute the same quantity of tokens into a prize pool before the match starts. Winner(s) will receive the tokens in the pot, after a small commission is collected by the Community Treasury (See Figure 3).
Pot Matches (2-Player Example)

Community Treasury

The revenue streams of into the Community Treasury include four main components:
  • Match-related transactions (Battle Scrolls, Pot Match commissions, etc)
  • Metaverse utility items (Treasure Chests, potion sales, crafting & upgrading, NFT renting, etc)
  • Non-match transactions (marketplace transaction fees, third-party / creator economy transaction fees, etc)
  • NFT sales (characters, gear & land), including secondary market commissions
Expenses from the Community Treasury comprise:
  • Daily Quest rewards
  • Monthly Leaderboard prizes
  • Promotional events
  • Staking rewards
  • Product development
Game Revenue & Distributions