Game Modes

The PvP Arena / MOBA Game Mode


Meta Lordz' first game genre will be a PvP battle arena game, which will be familiar to players of MOBAs such as Battlerite, DOTA & League of Legends.

Game Mechanics

Players with similar MMR scores (see MMR) are smart-matched by our algorithm and enter an arena together, to ensure a balanced, fair and challenging match.
On entering the arena, a fight to the death commences, with a number of players fighting in a free-for-all, or team-based battle format. Team matches can be based on Clan affiliations.
A selection of battle arenas accommodate different sizes of match, from duels to a dozen players fighting for supremacy.
Players must master their warriors, including their unique skills & combos, to outwit their foes in the arena. They also need to learn their opponents skills, abilities & weaknesses to get an edge in battle.
Gear used by warriors, such as weapons and armor, are all NFTs - and can be crafted, bought, upgraded & traded - pick the perfect load-out from your inventory before each battle.
Also, gain tactical advantages by using consumables, such as potions, which can be bought or crafted in town.
Meta Lordz is easy to play - but only the most committed warriors will master the game.

Match Types, Winners & Rewards

Players earn kill points based on how many other players they kill during the match. This determines the ranking of players at the end of the match.
Depending on the type of match & levels of players, certain rewards are distributed to players:

Ranked matches

Level up & find legendary items! The top few players will be rewarded for their performance with Lordz $SILVER tokens (see Tokens). Some players will also receive a loot box. Normal, Rare and Legendary loot boxes can be awarded based on level, ranking, and match specifics. Stats will be recorded and go towards community leaderboards for weekly prizes & shout-outs. To access a Ranked match, users must pay a fee with Battle Scrolls.

Loot matches

Have fun & grind - free-to-play warriors welcome! Accessible to all players, whether they own or rent an NFT, or are free-to-play players.
These matches are great places to learn the basics and try new classes. The top few players will be rewarded for their performance with $SILVER tokens (see Game Economy) and treasure chests (see Treasure Chests).
Although all players can earn rewards, free-to-play players will have any rewards stored safely in their personal War Chest. As soon as they upgrade the warrior to a rented or owned NFT, they can access the rewards they've accumulated!

Pot matches

Put your money where your mouth is!
All players contribute the same number of $SILVER tokens to take part - and anyone owning or renting an NFT can take part.
Winners divide the pot in a ratio based on the match size. A platform fee will be taken from the total amount contributed.

Other game modes

PvP mode is only the first genre of game in the Meta Lordz metaverse. There’s a comprehensive roadmap of new releases set for 2022 and beyond.

Clan wars

The metaverse will be host to Clan Wars from late 2022 (see Clans) in which clans can enter the PvP arena together and fight for supremacy versus other clans. After these periodic tournaments, the victorious clan will take ownership of the castle, and the whole metaverse town will be dressed in their colors. Clan members will be entitled to certain special offers and rewards while they remain in control of the town.

PvE mode ('story mode')

During 2023 we’ll release a PvE ‘story mode’ - with a whole new world to explore, monsters to kill, quests to complete, resources to collect,and infinite social opportunities on the way. The skills you learn, resources you collect, and items you craft & upgrade will all play a role in your journey.
The fate of Vanheim, and indeed the whole of Glasmire, is at stake. Warriors must unite to protect it, and potentially earn vast wealth and prestige on the way.


We're launching a variety of mini-games within the metaverse to provide excitement and utility even outside of the main game modes.
They may feature in daily quests, may be helpful for resource gathering for crafting, and have many other elements of utility attached. They will include secrets for players to discover, and the potential to earn exciting rewards!

Mobile games (iOS & Android)

We're excited to announce that during 2023, Meta Lordz will launch full mobile experiences for iOS and Android devices.
These will differ from the desktop PvP matches given constraints on user input and reaction times on a mobile device - but players will be able to battle, quest, trade, socialise and craft from their devices wherever they travel!

Other modes & integrations

Meta Lordz is also building comprehensive SDKs to allow third-party integrations for both gaming and commercial experiences. This and special creator tools will allow a global economy of creators to participate in the Meta Lordz metaverse and create items, skins, buildings, game experiences, sell real world products & services, and much more.