The World of Glasmire

Rune's Gift

The market area in Glasmire - set up shop & trade with other players
The elders tell tales of a deity known as Rune, who descended from the heavens and bestowed the gift of magic upon the world of Glasmire.
Some envisioned using this gift to enrich peoples' lives and help the unfortunate - but others saw an opportunity to wield the magic as a weapon, seize power, and rule all of Glasmire.
The only clue behind the purpose of the magic that the deity left behind was the holy tree, Drasil, constantly emitting magical energies into the world. A town - Venheim - formed around the tree to protect it from falling into the wrong hands.

Nobility & Corruption

Glasmire's brightest, most noble citizens were attracted to settle near Drasil - but so too were those with evil intentions. Dark forests, crawling with heinous demons, soon surrounded Venheim, and the forests' horrid miasma would rot the minds of even the kindest of souls - magnifying the most repulsive aspects of human nature.
Venheim's elders forbade the use of dark magic - and those disobeying the rules were exiled to these corrupted forests. But they survived, and even thrived, forming societies, pooling resources and preparing to seek revenge and conquest.
Venheim's historic Royal Family, the Soldalls, are descendents of the adventurers who discovered Drasil. The Soldalls' solmemn oath is to defend Drasil and it's magic from falling into the wrong hands. The King offers fortune and glory to the strongest and bravest of warriors in Glasmire to help in this noble cause. They battle each other to prove their virtue and skill, as well as prepare for the dark days ahead.
An influx of hardened warriors from the farthest reaches of Glasmire ensued. Martial artists, elemental wizards, assassins and more, all gathered in Venheim, But these powerful warriors don't all see things the same way, and rivalry is inevitable.
Players enter Venheim as one of these hardened warriors. The path they choose to follow is theirs to choose.

Your guide to Venheim

Buildings, common areas, NPCs, resources and more in Venheim provide players the opportunity to develop their warriors, play a unique role in the economy, and engage with the community. Here are some of the features of the town:
Gateway to gaming: The town sits at the heart of your Meta Lordz experience - and all game modes are accessed via the town itself, through portals into specific games & events.
A Rich Story Unfolds: Learn about the history of Venheim town and the wider world of Glasmire. Learn about the romances and the rivalries, the wars, the sports, the rich, the poor and the gods, which have forged the glorious town of Venheim into what it is today.
The PvE quest mode launching in 2023 is deeply embedded into the lore of the town, and players stand to gain resources, advantages and wealth if they immerse themselves in the story.
Flea market: Players can buy & sell weapons, armor & other gear, Battle Scrolls, $SILVER, $GOLD, and other items - both from other metaverse participants and NPCs.
Residential Real Estate: Purchase a plot of land to build & customise your own dream house in Glasmire. There’s a full suite of tools for customisation, and you can even display your NFT artwork and set your own soundtrack. Every plot also comes with productive farmland - the purpose of this will be revealed soon!
Commercial Real Estate: Third parties are invited into Glasmire to interact with our citizens. This is how participants in the creator economy access the game. Through SDKs, they may offer other players branded products & services, either for the metaverse or real world, without ever leaving Glasmire.
The Blacksmith’s Shop: Visit the Blacksmith to buy, craft and upgrade weapons, armour and other gear. This is an important way to add value to your NFTs over time and prepare for the fiercest battles.
The Chemist: Visit the Chemist to buy or craft Potions and other consumables to use in-game - another way to get an edge over your opponents.
Inventory Management: Players manage their inventory in town, setting loadouts for their warriors, storing gear, tokens, warriors & more when not in use.
Bank: Staking, voting, NFT renting, land purchases, and other interactions are all handled in our Bank.
Social Functionality: Players can socialise with each other, either in public or private areas, with the ability to stream music, set up private voice chats, set decor and even play party games based on the occasion.
Mini-Games: When you need a rest from the arena, unwind with a selection of mini-games, with games to test your skill, luck, strategy and intellect. Coming to iOS and Android soon!
Themed Events: The Events spaces around the town will transform at certain times of year to celebrate festivals, milestones and major tournaments. Come and join the party!
Clan Management: Clans can be established and managed in town, with Clans also able to purchase clubhouses, providing the ability for players to formally join a clan and compete in Clan Wars.
The Stadium: Spectate live matches, manage streaming, comment on the action and support your Clan!
Long term: The town and surrounding maps will provide access to further resources which will be revealed over time, as further game modes are released. They’ll play a role in crafting, and will be important as players set out on the PvE ‘story mode’ journey in 2023.