Warrior Ownership & Classes

Getting your first warrior

There are three options to access a warrior:
  • Purchase an NFT: for the ultimate Meta Lordz experience, players are encouraged to buy & own a Meta Lordz NFT warrior. Pick from warriors across a variety of fearsome, unique classes. Mint your own Level 1 warrior from your chosen class, or buy a warrior on our proprietary marketplace (OpenSea is also supported). If you're able to get Whitelisted in time, you can even purchase your NFT at www.metalordz.com during our launch period and unlock unique discounts, free tokens, and even warrior customisations!
  • Rent an NFT: To ensure Meta Lordz is accessible to all, we offer players the opportunity to rent an NFT from us rather than buying one outright (see Renting). This can be a great way to test out the game, try new classes, and manage your spending. You can purchase your rented NFT after progressing with it at a later date.
  • Free-to-Play mode: access a Level 1 warrior from a class of your choice to try out the game and get to grips with the warrior classes before committing to a purchase. The free warrior can be converted into a real NFT at a later date, and will have various limitations in what it can achieve in the metaverse. Rewards can be earned, but they will remain in a piggy-bank until upgrading to an owned or rented NFT warrior.

Introducing the warriors:

Monk, Wizard and Barbarian, leveled-up and loaded with high-end gear. Ready for battle.
At launch, there will be five classes of warrior to choose from - described below. Many more warrior classes will be launched over time.


Lethal from a distance, but vulnerable up close. Have a solid aim and steady hand to unlock their true potential.


Savage tanks with overwhelming strength, but less agile. For those who crave brute force.


These martial artists are always ready to strike with high precision and agility, but moderate strength. For those with a thirst for blood!


Agile and deadly, Rogues may even briefly disappear from sight. Easy to overpower if pinned down. Live life in the shadows.


Summon devastating elemental energy to take down foes. Physically weaker, so best advised to stay out of harm's way. A challenge for the sharpest of minds, and hands.